Elisabeth Update

Okay, so... I posted a day or so ago that I had a series of shorts about Elisabeth. I started writing Tuesday.

I just finished the last page of what was supposed to be three 10,000-word shorts. Instead, I have one 70,000-word novel.

Since Tuesday.

It needs editing, but I think you'll enjoy it.

For those who have been wondering, I've had trouble writing. I've been flitting between ideas and not writing with my traditional verve. Well, the muse came back this week.


I don't have titles yet, but...

I have a set of stories about Elisabeth. A short of 10,000 words, a short novella of 31,000 words, and there will be one more short, perhaps another 10,000 words or so.

Expect the first short sometime soon. In the meantime, ask yourself this question:

Could Elisabeth love a human?


Sidney Welch is a seer, her visions coming in her dreams. She can't control it and can't usually explain it, but she knows when she sees something, she can count on it. One night, she dreams a horrific dream of being taken captive by a beautiful vampire.

Except vampires aren't real.

A week later, she meets Solange Casper, the senior partner for the Casper and Associates law firm. Sidney decides the dream was a metaphor, and when sparks fly between the two women, she decides to pursue them.


Oh, summer...

I'm sitting on my deck, working on a story called "Seer". It's beautiful out, fabulously beautiful.

Ah, summer...

Honesty in Reviews

I signed up for BookBub, which sends me email every day with their latest steals for ebooks. Today's email included a book for which they said, "Over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon." The author was someone I'd never heard of before.

So I went out to the book. 1600 reviews total, and yes, over 500 5-star reviews. I looked at some of the 1-star reviews, and they complained about the cliché complaints of indie publishers: bad grammar, lots of errors, etc, etc.

How does any book get 1600 reviews but I've never heard of them? My best books have sold 2000 to 3000 copies for which I get fewer than 40 reviews (much fewer, typically). If the review rate is the same, that mean this person has sold 40 times as many as my best books. As many of my books have made it to the #1 slot within the genre, well... Sure, someone could be selling that many. Okay, my results may not be enough to go by.

So I went to Jacqueline Carey's books. She's a fairly well-known fantasy author. She has fewer than 500 reviews on her best-known book.

Anne McCaffrey, the Dragonriders of Pern books: a few hundred reviews. (I'm feeling pretty good about getting 40.)

The Mercy Thompson books by P. Briggs: 500-1500 per book, with the newer books receiving far more reviews.

Kim Harrison is getting about 300 to about 1000 per book, again with newer books having more reviews.

I went to Tom Clancy. Yes, Tom Clancy. He gets about 300 reviews on most of his older books, although I see 1600 on Rainbow Six. I have no idea why that book has 1600 reviews but Patriot Games (for which there's a movie out) has 307. But then there are books by people writing using his characters with as many as 2800 reviews.


I cry foul.

I don't know how the first author is doing it, but I do not believe an author selling poorly-edited books is selling so many that he's getting 3-5 times the reviews as an author like J. Carey or 3-5 times as many reviews as Tom Clancy's older works.

And I don't trust the number or reviews Mr. Greaney gets for his Tom Clancy spinoffs, but that at least *could* be legitimate.

But that guy I didn't know? No way. Just... No bleeping way. He (or his publisher) is cheating.

For the record, every review for every single one of my books is from a legitimate reader. To the best of my knowledge, I have never personally met a single one of my reviewers. Some of my reviews are from my beta readers, but I haven't met them through more than email, either. Similarly, some of the reviews are from people who reviewed after sending me fan mail. (I tend to write back and say, if you can review, please do.)

If there is going to be such *obvious* cheating, what are the readers going to believe? Does anyone REALLY think some author who they have never heard of has 5 times as many reviews as some of the most famous authors in America? Seriously?


I'm working on a new series. The first draft of the first novel is done, and I am working on the second novel in the series. This is a short snippet.

"I think I want my naïveté back."

Short Attention Span

Last Wednesday or Thursday, I had a scene appear in my head. Just a scene. So I wrote it. And then the last scene of the book came into my head, and I had an idea of what I wanted to happen in between.

And the story flows into a second novel. I know how that begins, but I don't fully know where it goes.

So I set aside the Fox story. I wrote the first couple of chapters. Then over the weekend, I opened a second document, and I started the first chapter. That's now three chapters long. I'm back on the first story.

So I have four novels going on right now: these two, the Fox story I was working, and something else I'm not fully ready to share.

I need to focus on ONE at a time. Sigh. Sorry. I'll get them all out.


Vampire Lore

Okay, this was sort of scary. I was working on a vampire story, and I wondered what the lore is about vampires and normal food. So I did a google search of "do vampires eat normal food" just to see what I'd see.

OMG. Most of the sites talked about "real vampires" this and "real vampires" that.

Please, someone tell me the people running those sites are just having fun with it. Because if not, well, that's kind of scary.

Teaser from the Fox in New Orleans

The beignets were entirely decadent.

"I love being a were," I said, biting into my second beignet.

"Oh?" ask Angel before stuffing her own into her mouth. It was her first, and she moaned with appreciation. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. She gazed into her bag then glanced over at mine. "You going to eat that?" she asked while reaching for it.

"Yes!" I pulled my little bag away. "But I'll buy you more."

"Why do you like being a were?" Angel asked, watching as I waved my last beignet around.

"Because I can eat these and not get fat," I explained before stuffing the last one in my mouth. "Want more?" I rudely mumbled around the warm, sugary, doughy goodness.


We were hunkered down, Serena nearly on her belly to hide from the rabbit. It had to kill her to hunt fox style, but never, not once had anyone ever complained about my hunting style.

It was one of the many reasons I loved them.