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Just Hit Publish

I just hit Publish on another book, but I haven't updated recently, so it's time. Let's do this is chronological order.

October 16

These all went live October 16.

October 24

Selected Halloween went live October 24

December 7

Selected Competition will be live December 7 or 8.

What Is Coming Up

I have a bunch of completed first drafts. The beta readers haven't seen any of these yet. I'm just going to mention them briefly and then get back to editing.

  • Jaguar Choice takes up where Jaguar left off.
  • Starry-Eyed Adventurer is about a young girl who experiences something no young girl should experience.
  • Ressaline Crown is the last intended book in the Flarvorian Royals story arc from the Ressaline universe.
  • In hiding -- a working title. This is in response to a style of books that have been showing up in my Amazon feed lately, a style that has left me unsettled. This is my response, which pretty much turns the tropes in question on their ear while otherwise being a fairly typical Robin Roseau novella. Yes, Novella. I haven't written many of those lately.

If you're wondering why books haven't been making it out to Amazon very regularly, it's because editing is a pain, and when the muse is sending books at me, I don't ignore her. That's four completed books waiting for edits and then beta readers.

In Progress

I have a lot in progress. Bree's next book. Michaela's next book. Nori's book. A sequel to the Club Underhill book, although this one is really just a bunch of erotic encounters loosely tied together with a black bow. Hey, we all need something fun to read before bed, yes? I have a fun little Selected book I started in November. And I have a sort of sequel to Tri-Vega. Oh, speaking of Tri-Vega, I still need to rewrite the ending, as the beta readers hated it.

I have something with a working title of The Teacher that's about 30% complete. I have the next Seer novel started, as well as A Darker Brew. There's progress on the next Privateer. And I have something new called Through the Portal that has some good work in it.

Yallamenara's final book will get some attention eventually.

And Cupid is going to finish her first novel someday, too.

August 1 Update

Web Site Supports https

Well, finally, after all these years, the web site now supports https:. It was a little rocky, with working but not working. Both should now work. Hurray!

I apologize to those who discovered an inoperable web site.

At the Betas

Two more Selected books are now at the beta readers and should be out soon. The readers are getting back to me faster than I'm applying their suggestions and sending them on to the next reader. That's because I've been busy writing.

Almost Ready

I wrote a vampire sorority book, called Rush. The betas universally hated the ending. I need to rewrite about 2 chapters. Once I do, it will be out the door. Expect it this fall.

In Edits

I have two similar books in edits, not quite ready for the beta readers yet. Both involve elves being naughty. Expect them late this fall.


A little teaser. First draft complete (finally).

Audio Books

I have questions for anyone who listens to audio books or who would be interested in my books in audio format. If you would like me to make arrangements for this to happen, drop me an email via

  • Do you currently listen to audio books
  • How many in a month?
  • Which providers do you use?
  • Do you have a subscription for audio books, or do you buy them one at a time?
  • If you pay for individual books, what price range do you feel is fair?
  • My books are long. Is there such a thing as too long when it comes to audio books?

Note that there's some indication that Audible isn't that good for writers. They don't pay well. If I pay someone to produce my books for me, it will cost perhaps $250 per finished hour, and my books would be at least 10 hours, perhaps as many as 25 for some of the longer books. I'd have to sell a lot of books to justify those kinds of costs, and if Audible is squeezing authors, I'm not sure I care to use them. But their are other solutions, including building my own delivery channel or using something like Shopify.

If you would like to hear my books in audio format, drop me a note and help me make some decisions. Thanks. Robin.

Happy May Day!

Happy May first. I've been busy, writing, writing, writing. Spring seems to have finally arrived, with summer not too much further away. It's nice to see more daylight.

I thought I'd share the current queue. Here goes.

In Beta

These are books that the beta readers are reviewing. They should be out soon.

Luna Rising

This is the sequel to Mage Unmasked. It's all fun and games until Mia is turned into a frog.

Tri-Vega: Rush

The first in the possibly very short Tri-Vega Series is Rush>. Rachel is college first year. Her roommate convinces her to Rush for the Tri-Vega Sorority, in spite of having zero interest in anything that is pro-vampire. This is another academy-style book, except with vampires.

Completed or Nearly Completed

Selected: Luxan

Okay, so. I wrote a book from the perspective of one of the aliens. This novel is 140,000 words and is at the beginning of the edit phase. Unless I get distracted by another first draft, it should enter the beta process sometime in the next few weeks.

I posted a snippet here: Luxan Snippet

A Way Home

This was supposed to be a sexy little short story. Then a novella. Sigh. And the title is going to change. This is a sort-of-kind-of sequel to Tri-Vega: Rush, in that some of the characters from that book appear in this one. Yes, that means it's another vampire novel.

The first draft is about 2/3rds complete, maybe a bit more. I have one intermediate chapter, several "oh this is fun" chapters to write, and then the conclusion. I'll be working on that while I'm in a writing mood, and editing Luxan at other times.

Ressaline: Crown

I'm not sure on this one. 148,000 words are completed. I could probably about wrap it up if I just go back and do it. So it'll be out sometime this summer. I just have, at most, another 2000 words. I think, and then edits.

This is the last Ressaline book I have planned. I won't say there won't be more. They're fun to write. But it completes the overall story arc I've been following for a while. If you like this series and would like to see more down the road, let me know. But I suspect just about everyone and her sister would rather I spent time with Michaela.

Selected: Competition

Remember Serena La Merchant? Yvette mentions here once or twice. Enough said...

The first draft is nearly complete. I got distracted. It'll be out this summer.

In Various Stages

The Fox

Of everything I've written, I think my heart would break if I ever came to the conclusion where will be no more Fox books. I enjoy many of my characters, but Michaela and her friends are hands down, my favorites.

Yes, yes, resoundingly Yes! there will be more Fox books.

So what's the holdup? Elisabeth. And Anna. They just refuse to cooperate. I really need to figure out if Elisabeth returns from New Orleans alone. The problem is, Anna is perfectly happy with her life down there. She's got her tourists and, it turns out, a voodoo queen, a vampire, and even the mayor of New Orleans.

If I can just punch through, I could finish the first draft inside a week or two. After that, I already have about a third of Michaela's next novel, in which she has some interesting adventures, this time with permission of her alpha and the support of the head enforcer. And after that, I need one more Omega book. Bree deserves a little more of our time, don't you think?

Other things

I have perhaps 10 or 20-thousand words written in Privateer 3. I have an interesting, contemporary lesbian romance with a working title of The Teacher that I'm happy with. And then my two favorites.

Amazon Trainer. Nori's story, beginning as a young girl. There are at least three scenes so far where I cried my eyes out while writing, and she's not even an Amazon warrior yet. I don't know how long it will be when I'm done.

Cupid I've mentioned this before. I absolutely love what I've written so far. Imagine if the Greeks got it wrong. Eros (Cupid) isn't a young boy. She's a woman, and she's now living in Key West, running a Bed and Breakfast.

This book is inspired by the Cupid television series from far too long ago, starring Jeremy Piven. I loved that series. The other inspiration is the Aphrodite character from Hercules and Xena, who I always found funny -- and sweet and sexy. Plus add inspiration from any other fantasy novel involving the Greek gods. Oh, and make it a little bit of Love Boat as well, as I intend a series of shorter novels, each featuring one or two guests of the inn. The overall arc will be Cupid's story, each book a standalone romance.

I also had an idea for a book I'm calling The Reluctant Sidekick.

In all, I have something like 100 Word documents in various stages. These are the top ones.

I don't know when any of these might receive the attention they deserve.

A Bunch of Updates

Well, I haven't been updating my web page for a while. Or responding to email. Those who know me well knows that means I've been writing. A lot. So I have a few updates. First, some books I haven't mentioned before. The first one is brand new. The others have been available for a while. Down below will be an update on what I'm currently working on.

Mage Unmasked is the first in a two-volume story of Mia Pixie Cooke. When the story begins, Mia is 15 and having a very, very bad night.

There is two styles of books I want to mention. One are referred to as Academy books, in which a young woman attends some sort of boarding school or college, occassinally against her will, frequently because she just discovered the world of magical creatures.

The other style is referred to as Reverse Harem, Why Choose novels in which the female protagonist has a supply of boyfriends. Academy stories are frequently also RH books.

Mage Unmasked is what happens when I decide to write an Academy series. Don't worry; there are no boyfriends allowed at Greenwood Academy for Girls.

Cover art is by Santiago Hertzan. You can find more of his work at

I published this last summer. Valsine tells her story. This novel spans years.

I'm particularly proud of Indentured. I think it's a fabulous story. This is a fantasy novel in which our heroine discovers she has magic, and the local townspeople don't know what to do with her.

About Inspiration and Serene Yoshiko

Last night, I hit Publish on this:

First, I want to say this. The cover art is by the very talented Serene Yoshiko. You can find more of her work at:

Inspiration for my books comes from many sources. Most of my books are entirely from within, although there may be outside influences. Other books are definitely inspired from the outside. Club Underhill was inspired by an image I saw of a facehugger mask being sold on Etsy. Once the book was written, it was time to think about covers. I was already familiar with Serene's work, so I had the person who helps me with things like this ask her if she'd like to do this cover.

I absolutely love what she produced. It is perhaps the most dramatic cover I've had. She's an amazing artist. I very much hope to have more covers form her art. If you like what you see here, and you want to help support a great artist while receiving a steady stream of art in your inbox (much of it not-safe-for-work), pop over to her Patreon page.

But I was talking about inspiration. I wasn't only aware of Serene's work. Her art inspired two entire novels. One is in edits and will be going to the beta readers very soon. I'll finish the first draft for the other probably today. I hope Serene will produce covers for them. I can't use the original works because, well, copyrights. Plus see previous comments about NSFW.

I can't actually embed the images in question, but I think these links work.

A Time For Hope

About an hour and a half ago, Joe Biden took the Oath of Office.

I can now have hope for the future.

I've been hiding.

So. I've been hiding from a lot of things. I received some bad news, not horrible, but somewhat upsetting, and then as we've watched the world turn darker and darker, I've just been hiding.

I owe a number of you letters. I'll be catching up over the next few weeks. Know that I'm healthy and I haven't entirely dropped off the planet. I'm sorry if anyone has worried.

There is some good news. This will appear on Amazon sometime in the next 24 hours.

Coming Soon

I know I've been quiet. I just wanted to let you all know. Coming soon: A Brew in Time. This is a sequel to A Charming Brew.


2019 Wrapup

Happy New Year!

I want to give an end-of-year review. 2019 was a big year for books from me. I published 15 books this year, twice what I published in 2018, although several of these were written in the last three months of last year.

Metabrain, published January 6, 2019. This is an odd science fiction story that highlights how any tool can be used for good or not-so-good. It's based on a concept that was first introduced to me in a Larry Niven book from 1970.

Rook (Pawn #3), published January 11, 2019. This is the third in Yallameenara's story line. This book became a transition book between the adventures from books 1 and 2 and how the story arc will conclude. Yes, things will heat up again.

The Delegation, published February 7, 2019.
Diplomat, published March 8, 2019.
Princess, published March 24, 2019.
When I wrote Encircled, I had intended a standalone. But I enjoy writing guilty pleasures, and so I began a new story arc set in the same world.

Red Paws Inn, published March 26, 2019. This is a sweet little lesbian romance. It received a good response with 4.5 stars from 20 reviews.

Mind Wipe, published April 28, 2019. When I wrote Lace, I realized that there were a lot of stories that could be written from the same beginning. This is the second, but it is a very different story from Lace. It wasn't well-received, but when I published it, I knew it wouldn't be for everyone.

My Soul To Win, published May 30, 2019. This is the last in Tiegan's story. I'm a little surprised this book didn't do better than it did. I felt it was a powerful story, and it made getting through book two entirely worth it. If you've read the first two books, but just couldn't read a third, maybe you should give this a try, anyway. There are angels.

Reluctant Host, published July 1, 2019. This fantasy novel represents another of my odd ideas. It has an amazing piece of art for the cover, custom art by the very talented Lauren Wilson. The story is odd, and parts of it are disturbing, but I also think it's sweet at the same time.

Team Building
More Team Building
Both published August 3, 2019. Guilty pleasures, although poorly received. Like Mind Wipe, I knew these wouldn't be for everyone. I'm sorry that I do a poor job writing blurbs that help people skip the stories they won't care for as much.

Ressaline Heir, published September 30, 2019. This continues the Ressaline story line, the first part of Ahlianna's story, to be continued early next year with Crown. Like most of the books in this series, this was received with mixed feelings.

Selected Assistant, published November 30, 2019. The latest in the Selected series, this book made it to #1 on the new LGBT Science Fiction list, which surprised me.

Ressaline Tiara: Part One, published December 12, 2019. The first half of Darfelsa's story.

Ressaline Tiara: Part Two, published December 31, 2019. The second half of Darfelsa's story.

Help An Author

Hi, folks. I thought I'd write a little pre-Christmas post, or perhaps it's a post-Thanksgiving post. I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your support over the years. You make it possible for me to do what I love doing. I couldn't continue to write my stories without your continued support. So thank you so much.

I do want to ask for a tiny bit more help in two ways. The first is what prompted me to begin this post. Last night, when looking for a little before-bedtime reading, I discovered this at Amazon:

I was rather pleasantly surprised by that number 1. I had no idea and wasn't remotely expecting it. Again, thank you. You're the reason for my lovely surprise last night. And now, my request.

I don't stalk my own books. Those little surprises don't last very long, replaced by some other book, so I rarely see when one of my books climbs the charts. So if you ever see a little #1 like this beside one of my books, please, drop me a note. Someone else may beat you to it, but I suspect most people expect I already know. I probably don't. In advance, thank you.

Now, the other thing. You've probably heard this from me before. Reviews. People do look at the number of reviews when picking what to read next. If you like my book, it's appreciated if you take a minute or so to write something. "I enjoyed this book. It made me feel good." That would be a great review. Or made me think. Or whatever you felt from reading the story. Or just say, "I'm looking forward to more." Or "I laughed." So, if you can, please leave a review. It doesn't need to be creative or exhaustive. It just needs to come from the heart.

I'll close with a status update. I'll probably do an end-of-the-year review in a week or two. But my status right now... I have Ressaline Tiara parts one and two with the beta readers. This is told by Darfelsa. She has adventures. I hope to get both volumes out by the end of the year.

Beyond that, I'm working on a bunch of things, but nothing is close. I've been pulled in a lot of directions, and after getting 15 books out this year, I've needed a little break.

For those wondering, however, yes, there will be a Jaguar 2. There is a Fox book coming. Hopefully both will be out next year. I also have plans for the third in Bree's story, but I haven't started writing.

I hope to get Nori's story out next year.

In the Ressaline arc, I have two more in mind, one told by Valsine and one more told by Ahlianna. After that? We'll see. I have nothing planned, but I do want to write those two, so I can settle things.

I'm also working on Through The Portal. It will be out next year.

I have about 10,000 words in the third Privateer story completed.

The Pawn series should wrap up next year, one or two more novels.

And a few other things that I'll mention when they're closer.

For now, I hope you're all having a good December. As I write these words, it's snowing like crazy.

Thank you so much.

Robin Roseau

An Altered Halloween

Hqppy Halloween!

I have a little Halloween treat for you, or post-Halloween if you don't get this in time to enjoy it on the spookiest of nights. If you liked Team Buliding and More Team Building, then I have two shorts available on my web site. Both qualify as weird guilty pleasures, like the Team Building stories.

The first is Laser Brains, which isn't a Halloween story, but you'd want to read it before the next.

The second story is Laser Eve, which continues with the same people from Laser Brains. This may not really be a guilty pleasure, as it's a spooky Halloween story, complete with ghosts, evil witches, creepie crawlies, and dank dungeons. Oh, and there's a mansion.

Click on the book cover artwork to download a .mobi file (the same format that you get for your Kindle). Or, if you prefer a PDF, you can click on:

Two New Books: Team Building and More Team Building

I published a couple of books last night. The first is a novella; the second is a much longer novel.

Selena Stark is a programmer for a Software as a Service provider. Her company is experiencing severe team morale issues, and the owner decides to implement a last-ditch effort to resolve the issues.

This guilty pleasure read is a novella of 20,000 words. There is a followup novel called More Team Building, due in August, 2019.

I grew up on Gilligan’s Island episodes, and later (for the purposes of this little note), Charlie’s Angels (the original series with Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Farrah Fawcett). I haven’t watched the reboot of the latter.

There was an episode of Gilligan’s Island in which the castaways are discovered by a group of people who have some interesting technology; they have rings that control the wearer into doing whatever they’re told. I was old enough to realize how silly an idea that was, but the basic idea still stuck with me.

Later, there was a Charlie’s Angels episode in which the subject of their investigation used hypnosis to commit murder. One of the angels is snared, but of course, it all works out in the end.

The concept of being able to control the minds of others is a recurring trope throughout fiction, with the methods coming in a wide, wide range of ways. Vampires, magic flowers, hypnosis, a variety of parasites, magic, drugs, technology: the methods are myriad.

Because of all this, I grew up fascinated by the supposed promises of hypnosis. I’ve experimented, wondering if it actually works. We’ve all seen videos of stage hypnotist shows. We’ve zoned out to things we find hypnotic. My personal experimentation suggests there’s a lot of hype, but it’s largely hype. Oh, I have no doubt that quit smoking hypnosis programs can help, but they aren’t a magic cure. Someone manages to quit smoking because they want to, and if the hypnosis helps them to focus on it, or to believe they have the strength, go for it.

I think there’s a lot of hype, but it’s just hype.

In spite of my clear skepticism, I continue to think about it. And anyone who has read my past work knows sometimes I let various forms of mind control creep into my work. Creep. Ha. That’s not the right word at all, is it?

But to me, I enjoy the fun stories, the guilty pleasure stories. I like stories where control is used for good, not evil. And I read one of those stories recently, and the next morning, I began work on this story.

So, I offer a bit of fluffy fun, another guilty pleasure. I think we all need those once in a while.

Please enjoy.

New Author

Minnesota author Hilary Foxhill has published her first novel. It's a good start to an interesting, if somewhat witchy story. I like to support new authors, so I hope that some of you can give her a try. If you like the book, consider leaving a review for her.

You can click the link to pop right there.

Now Live on Amazon!

Some New Book Covers

I'm very excited about this. I hired two artists to produce new art for two upcoming books. This is a big step up in my covers, I think. I won't do this for every book, but I wanted a custom cover for the upcoming My Soul To Win, and when reviewing potential artists, I saw an image and said, "That could be Alyidil," one of the antagonists from Reluctant Host.

First is the cover for My Soul to Win, which is near the end of the beta process and will be live by the end of the month. I want to say: my beta readers have had very, very good things to say about the book. When I decided to write a sequel to My Soul to Play, I knew it would mean a trilogy, and I'm pleased how things turned out.

This cover is by Simon Zhang from Indonesia. You can find his art here: I think the cover speaks for itself. I may use him for the next Fox novel. He did a nice job.

And for something completely different... I am entirely in love with this cover by the extremely talented Lauren Wilson. Lauren is also on Art Stations as I absolutely love her art. The images that caught my attention the most were Moth Queen and Flowers. Reluctant Host is also near the final beta process and will be out late in May or early in June.

I don't know how often I'll use custom art like this. But I've already tossed out the idea of asking Lauren to "just paint something", and I'll make a story around it. I hope you like the new covers -- and the stories they help to introduce.

Robin Roseau, May 2019

I Write Some Weird Stories

Like anyone, I can have confidence problems. When it comes to my writing, I worry that my stories are just too weird, or too... well, too much of a few things. But mostly too weird or edgy, or whatever word you might want to use.

I just finished an edit-pass of an upcoming story. It falls into the too-something category. But I'm going to toot my own horn for a minute.

It's definitely too-something. I don't know what word to use. But at the same time, it's sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes cute. And I decided that, in spite of being too-something, ultimately I like it.

And thats sort of the thing. Even my too-something stories, in the end, I decide that even though they're a bit on the weird side (or pick whatever word you prefer), when I'm done, I like them. And so, they make it to Amazon for the rest of you to read.

And I presume that if you're still reading my work by now, you're perfectly fine with the too-something-ness of a lot of my work.


I'm about to commit sacrilege.

I'm not a Game of Thrones fan. I'm a fantasy and science fiction author who doesn't like Game of Thrones.

When it first came out, I watched a few episodes, enough to decide I didn't like it. At the urging of friends, I tried. I really did.

But I hated everyone.

Admittedly, some of the people are written to be utterly deplorable. Almost everyone, really. My two favorite to hate, of course, are Joffrey and Dany's brother, whatever that slimey creature's name was.

And I know they got what they deserved, but I would argue, for a show that was willing to push a little boy out a tower window in -- what was it? the series opener? -- it took far, far too long for Darling Brother to get his.

Okay, I just went out to a web site. Verys Targaryen. It took 6 episodes. I had stopped watching by then. And it was a fitting death, quite horrible.

But that snivveling little tyrant, Joffrey. Fourth season. Fourth! Even knowing he dies, and at least somewhat unpleasantly, wouldn't make it worth watching three full seasons with him. And then is death was far too easy. Pleasant? No. But far too quick, for what a little shit he was.

In the meantime, while Emilia Clarke is great eye candy, and she seems very sweet in interviews, the clips of her all make her seem wooden, and her character not very strong. Instead, she's surrounded by strong people (and dragons). Okay, the dragons are really cool. But didn't she have a bunch of eggs? What happened? I don't know. I do know one of the white walkers, or whatever they called, threw a javelin an amazingly impossible distance, leading to the death of one of them. I don't know what happened to the rest.

Sorry. Distracted by dragons. Can you blame me? But her best kick-ass scene (according to the limited clips I've seen on YouTube) is when she takes over the slave army. That wasn't bad, although she came across as incredibly wooden through most of it. But usually, her ass-kicking is done by everyone else, and we see scene after scene where someone else has to save her. She just sits there. She doesn't do so much as pull a knife. I'm sorry, bug Gabrielle is far more kick ass. She sure does act entitled, however. Not that I would have wanted her life.

I think my two favorite characters (from limited watching) are Arya Stark and Peter Dinklage, Tyrion. Arya turns into a real ass-kicker, and brilliant besides. If anyone deserves the iron throne, she's on the list.

Peter Dinklage puts in, in my opinion, the best performance of the entire cast. He gets all the good lines. That helps. He's my runner up for the Iron Throne. Of course, from what I can tell, he'd dust it off for Dany.

Jon Snow... is boring. Okay, he's a classic hero, more or less. Epic books are written about the Jon Snows of fantasy novels. He's the closest GoT has to Strider, as best I can tell. And he's... boring. Maybe I wouldn't say that if I actually watched. Or maybe I would still think he's boring.

Of course, everything above is coming from someone who stopped watching after, I think, three episodes. And from time to time, I think I should watch. But then I remember that means 3 entire seasons of Joffrey, and I just can't do it, even knowing he eventually gets his.

I think I wouldn't mind understanding the plot a little better. I've read a few writeups, but it's just so darned confusing, and I just don't care enough.

But the final season has begun. This is my homage to a show that has been the talk of the country for 7 years (when we're not lamenting the current political climate). Right or wrong, love it or hate it, you can't escape Game of Thrones.

Who do you think will take the Iron Throne? Does Dany survive? Do her remaining dragons? Does Jon Snow take a second, more permanent death? After all, isn't it his destiny to die heroically? Does Dany step aside for Jon to take the throne? Does he?

Or do the men from the north prevail? It's Game of Thrones. On one is safe.

I'm pretty sure it won't be Peter Dinklage, but wouldn't that just be totally awesome?

Red Paws Inn is Live

Janis Swain runs the resort she inherited from her grandmother, the Red Paws Inn, located on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The resort consumes her life, and she hasn't had much chance to socialize since Grams passed away.

Alyssa Constantine is about as close to the opposite from the normal clientele to canoe deep into the heart of the Boundary Waters, and she has a history she doesn't share right away.

The two bond over the telling, but Janis's entire life is a six-hour drive from Alyssa's, and a life together would be uncertain.

Ressaline Princess is Out

Ressaline Princess is available on Amazon.

Allium is angry at Princess Gionna's subterfuge, and begins her preparations to return to Flarvor, hoping to return to the simple life of leading a road repair crew. But Olivia and Gionna arrive to beg her to reconsider.

This novel is the fourth of the Ressaline series that began with Encircled, the third installment of Allium's story.

Protecting LGBTQs Online

I received an email linking to: LGBTQ Online Safety Guide. I thought the guide offered good advice for people to protect themselves from cybebullying. I'm not going to talk further but simply let the guide speak for itself.


Ressaline: Diplomat

I just hit Publish! It should be available about when the snow starts to bury us again.

More Books Coming

More books are coming!

Last night, I finished the first draft for My Soul to Win, the third and final book in the story of Detective Teigan St. Claire. I need to do edits, and I'm not satisfied with the ending, so I'll be working on it. Then it's off to beta readers. Expect an announcement in April or May.

A few weeks ago, I finished the first draft of Red Paws Inn. This book needs one more read-through from me, then it's off to the beta readers. It's possible it could be out in March, but April is more likely.

The next two Ressaline novels are near the end of the beta cycle. Expect one out very soon, and the other probably later in March or early in April.

Mind Wipe is early in the beta process. It's a novella, based on the same initial premise as Lace, but a very different story. Because it's a novella, turnaround is faster, so expect it possibly later this month, but April is more likely.

I receive frequent inquiries about my most favorite stories and characters. I'll take a minute (or 20) to summarize what I know.

  • The Madison Wolves: This one is big. I've started Jaguar 2, but it's not very far. I need to finish it before I write Bree's final book. I don't have an ETA on either. I have half of Michaela's next book written, and it has languished for several years. I'm going to need to do some work, and then finish it. I think it's going to be a very good book when done, but no ETA. However, there are definitely more books to come.
  • Pawn. I have not started the next book. There will be one or two more. That's all I know.
  • Amazon. Nori's life story will be told. The novel starts when she is very young, and it's very sweet and sad and lovely. It's a big work, and it makes progress slowly.
  • Selected. At some point, I really need to pick up the story of Bronze and Sapphire, but I have nothing actually begun. I do have a few more Tales from the Beginnings stories partly written. I enjoy writing them when I'm in a particular mood. None of the ones I'm working on extend the overall story arc, but they're fun. So there will be more, but I'm not in a hurry.
  • Privateer. I have vague thoughts for a third book, but there's no Word document started yet. I'll let you know if that ever changes.
  • Galatzi Trade. I started Chaladine's next story. And cried a lot while writing. I got so far, and then got hung up. I think I'll finish someday, but no ETA and there's been no recent progress. I have no other related works currently in progress.
  • Familiar and Kitty Kat. People periodically ask me about one or the other. At this time, I have no thoughts about sequels, but it could happen next week, if the muse pops on my shoulder and starts whispering to me. No plans at this time.
  • Seer 4. I've touched this, but only a chapter or two. I think I know where the story is going to go, but what I have so far is vague.
  • The other big work I have going on is tentatively called Through the Portal, but I think I'll end up changing the title, as I think I want to use that as a theme for a type of book and not the title for the first book following that particular theme. I think what I have is half written, and it's big. I'm absolutely in love with the opening scene. I think you're all going to love the entire novel. I'd like to get it out this year.
  • I'm also workig on something called The Teacher. It is set in the same community as Secret Society, but not the same exact neighborhood. The main character is a technology teacher at the local middle school. At this point, other than the location, there has been no interaction with anyone from Secret Society, and it's an entirely different style of book, an easy lesbian romance. I think you'll like it.

I have more in the works, things I've started that may not necessarily be going somewhere, but I'll probably pick up again. But the above should give a good picture of the most interesting works.

Brushing Away Tears

I'm brushing away tears. I just finished the final words in the first draft.

End of Year Status

Hello, everyone. I'm still here, but I've been a little heads down. I thought I'd share and end of the year status.

January and February are going to be big publishing months. You should expect:

  • Rook: The third in the Pawn series. This is currently in the last half of the beta readers process.
  • Metabrain. This is a standalone rather dark modern science fiction novel. It's probably a little cyberpunk. It's based on some principles from Larry Niven (and others). In Ringworld, one of the important characters is Louis Wu. Mr. Wu is a wirehead. That is, he has an electrical wire plugged into the pleasure centers of his brain. A cyberpunk version of a drug addict. Metabrain is a very different story but based on the same principle.
  • A 4-book sequel to Encircled. In short, just before Halloween, I was looking for a guilty pleasure to read. Not finding one, I decided to write my own. By the end of November, I had written 255,000 words (about the same length as Amazon Chief). The first of the four books should be to beta readers within the next week or two, with the rest working through the system by end of February, I would expect. If you liked Encircled, you'll like this.

In addition to the above, Red Paws Inn is a sweet romance set on the shorts of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It should be to beta readers (with luck) in January, and available in February or March. However, I still need about 5,000 words of the first draft, so I can't promise that, as I might be distracted.

I've been heavily working on Through the Portal about a woman who finds herself on an entirely different world. The first draft is perhaps halfway complete.

I think I'll also update you on the state of other series:

  • The Fox: Yes, there will be more, but I need to finish the Jaguar and Omega books first.
  • Jaguar: this needs to be the next of the Madison Wolves books. I have a start that takes up during the plane ride home from the end of the first book. I've barely begun, so I don't have an estimate.
  • Omega Choice: This should be Bree's final book. I really don't want to write it until I've written the second Jaguar book.
  • Seer: yes, there will be more to this series. I do not expect them to come out in rapid succession, but I do intend to see the story through resolution of the impending war.
  • Amazon: I have a good start on Nori's story, and I intend to (someday) finish it.
  • Selected: I have nothing in the works at this time. I may write more, but no immediate plans. That could change the next time I want a guilty pleasure and can't find one.
  • Galatzi: I want to finish Chaladine's story. No estimate. I have no other books currently planned, but again, that could change at the drop of a hat.
  • My Soul: This will definitely have another novel, but no estimate on when.
  • Privateer: I intend a third book told by Rani. Currently, it's the last one planned, but who knows?
  • Outside The Box: I have a sequel in the works, but it's not very advanced.
  • Poor Little Witch Girl: I intend to continue the series.
  • Fitting In: I intend a sequel, someday.
  • Emergency Claus: I started a sequel, but it's not very advanced.

From time to time, people ask me about sequels to other stories. At this point, I have no plans for sequels to Kitty Cat or Blood Slave.

So, that's where we're at right now. I think 2019 will have a lot of new work from me, most of them sequels of old stories, but some of it brand new. For now, thank you for your continued support.


NaNoWriMo 2018

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. The idea is that you start writing a new novel on November 1st and you finish by November 30th, with the goal of 50,000 words or more. For new authors who have never completed a novel, this is considered a challenge, but the idea is for someone to be able to say, "I wrote a book". In order to complete it, you need to just worry about writing and not agonize over finding just the right words and certainly not doing any editing.

I don't usually participate, not officially. But I thought I'd share my own results for November.

I created a new Word document on October 29 (so technically 3 days early), but on the other hand, I'm writing this post on November 23, so I'm not sure I care about the technicality. There aren't any NaNoWriMo police who are going to arrest me.

As of this morning, at 8 AM the day after Thanksgiving, my document is 209,357 words. It's actually four stories from one person, and I may publish as one long work or break it into four of varying lengths. There are distinct sections with natural breaks.

From a pure word count perspective, I've completed NaNoWriMo four times over. Of the four stories in this document, the first two are probably not 50,000 words each, and the third is really quite long. But I have four books, two being novellas.

So for those who wonder if NaNoWriMo is achievable -- absolutely yes. There's nothing special about what I'm doing except I become deely involved in the story and write every minute I can find. Put the fingers on the keyboard and let the words flow.

Something to think about.


The Hugo Awards

N. K. Jemisin has won her third Hugo award for Best Novel, back-to-back-to-back no less. Congratulations! That's a significant achievement. Unless I missed it, she's the only person in the history of the Hugos to win in two years running, and she won three.

As I read this announcement, I thought about a few things. First, I thought about past attempts to twist the awards by a group of right-wing writers and publishers with their devoted followers. That is (hopefully) entirely in the past.

But I also thought about the books I read during my formative years. I'm sure it won't surprise you to know I was a devoted Tolkien fan. I clicked on a Wiki link to land here: Hugo Award for Best Novel. I started reading downt he list, a list that represents a significant amount of the work I read in my much, much younger years.

I had no idea that Poul Anderson was publishing in the late 50s. I had even less idea that Little Fuzzy was from 1962. (The award nomination from 1963 represents work published in 1962.)

Scanning the list, we see the same names represented over and over: Heinlein, Azimov, Clarke, Bradley, Harrison, Norton, Anderson, Zelazny, Niven, Silverberg, Le Guin, Pournelle, Herbert, Pohl, Cherryh. These are the authors from my formative years.

I'm moved to the edges of tears reading this list. Oh, Patricia McKillip, with The Riddlemaster of Hed. C. J. Cherryh: I absolutely loved your Kitty books. Oh, and if you want dragons, skip GoT. McCaffrey set the standard. You can't get them in Kindle, but go, go, go buy the Menolly books! You may need to get the first few Dragon books for it all to make sense.

If you want something a little less ancient, pick up just about anything by Connie Willis. Naomi Novik has her own dragon series, but I stand by what I said about McCaffrey. Novik's books are fun, though, as they're set in an alternate timeline from our own, covering the Napoleonic wars.

I've neer read a Jemisin. That's about to change. And I think I'm going to look at some of the other nominees and pick them up. I don't know who Yoon Ha Lee or Mira Grant are. And while I'm on Amazon, maybe I'll pick up some of those old books. It's time to re-read a few, and remember past times spent dreaming about what the future could bring.

Sugar Baby

Life doesn't always go as planned. Midway through her college freshman year, Astrid Ann Ahlstrom faces a dilemma. A friend offers a solution, but one with moral implications. Whatever choice Astrid makes will control the direction of her life for years to come.

Astrid makes her decision and then must live with it, doing her best to make the most of it.

But life doesn't always go as planned.

This is a novel of 100,000 words. Live on Amazon. Click the image.

Status Update

I've been rather inconsistent lately. I'm sorry about that. On the other hand, I have a little something to share with you. This is the beginning of a new book that I'm rather pleased with.


Well, I made a small mistake with Omega Life. Probably more than one, but this one was brought to my attention via email. It turns out the cover image I used was already used by another book within our genre. The other author politely asked me to make a change. So Omega Life will have a new cover. I hope you like it.

Omega Life is Available

Omega Life is available from Amazon. This novel continues Bree's story as she continues to settle in with the wolves. She continues to explore her sexuality while trying to understand how an Omega fits into the pack.

Short Status Update

Hello, everyone.

Due to a variety of pressures, I've been a little burnt out. That has gotten better, as it always does. But while I haven't been writing as much as I usually prefer, I've been making some progress.

Omega Life is in the end stage of beta readers and the very final edits. It will be out this month. This is the second in Bree's series, which I think will have one more volume, currenty called Omega Choice.

And today I finished the first draft of a standalone novel called Suger Baby. This is a novel that explores questions of morality and points out that life is frequently not black and white. It's a bittersweet story. I'm not sure when it will go to beta readers, but I suspect it will be out in July.

I received a wide variety of email concerning my questions about the Selected series. Only one person who write told me she probably wouldn't read any more in the series, and one or two said they'd already stopped reading. For what it's worth, if you've read at least the first four or five stories, it's worth reading through the end of Yvette's story.

I don't know what I'll be doing, but I imagine there will be more stories in the series. When? No idea.

I'm not sure what will be next. I suspect Yalla and Nori will both receive further attention. Everyone is waiting for the third in the Pawn series, and I haven't set it aside. It will be out this year and possibly this summer. I expect at least one more volume, so I'll be renaming the current one. You'll know it's the last one when it's titled Queen.

I also have a fantasy novel rattling around in my head where the love interest is an organized crime boss. I'll let you think about that.

For now, understand that I deeply appreciate the support all of you shower upon me. Thank you so much.


Status Update: Mid-May

Okay, I've been a little quiet. I have things I'm working on, but life has been busy, and I've been a little burned out by everything going on. I promise you: I'm still here, and I'm still writing.

For now, I want to solicit opinions regarding the Selected series. When I first started it, I had no intention of it becoming what it has become, but it's been fun to write, and from the email I get, I think people find the stories fun to read. So, I'd love to hear what you'd like to see happen. I'm going to toss out some questions. If you write me, feel free to answer any of these questions you want, or none at all and take the conversation in an entirely different direction.

I don't promise I'm going to take all the advice I receive. In fact, y'all probably know by now I'm not going to. Instead, what happens is someone will say something that sparks a completely different thought, and a week later I'll come up for air and realize I've written a novel no one -- not even me -- anticipated.

I want to point out a distinction. I'm calling it part of the Selected series if it advances the story arc. If it's more or less a one-off, then it's part of Tales From Beginnings.

So... questions, in no particular order. Answer the ones you think would be fun to answer.

  • Would you like to see more in the series? I imagine you're not likely to reply if the answer is 'no', but maybe you want to encourage me to focus efforts elsewhere. That's fine, too.
  • Do you want to see more Tales From Beginnings? In a way, these are basically, "more of the same", but with fresh characters.
  • Are there any characters you'd like to revisit?
  • How about any particular species?
  • In the earlier books, I talked about interstellar war. I haven't pursued that. How much interest do you have in coming back to that?

Something to consider... I've already indicated what a relationship with the Whiteblacks would be like. If I brought them in as the principal love interests, then the story might be different from past stories, but it would be similar building blocks. Similarly, a Komodo relationship would involve a similar taking. I really like both species, and so maybe it would be okay if the stories held similar themes from the ones we've already experienced. How do you feel about that?

If I've got you thinking, I'd love to hear what you have to say. You don't have to answer my specific questions. They're really just an attempt to get you thinking a little. I'm far more interested in hearing how you feel than having specific questions answered.


An Interesting Question

Here's an interesting question for you. Imagine a species that is very furry. They wear no clothing either for modesty or protection. They don't sleep under blankets.

So my poor hero is now a guest in their village and is looking for something to keep her warm at night.

And I have no idea what she should find.

My Soul To Lose

Detective Teigan St. Claire of the White Collar Crimes division has lost her game with the demon, Evaline. Her soul is forfeit.

But not all demons are created equal, and life as Evaline's pet is a far better experience than Teigan would have expected.

Things change.

This is a novel of 130,000 words and is the sequel to My Soul to Play.

Warning: The cover image is more than a hint. This is a dark novel.

To be taken to Amazon, feel free to click the cover image.

Lace and Encircled

I just hit Publish on two books. I'll update when they're live, and I can provide links.

Lace is an odd little fantasy novella of 30,000 words.

Encircled is a fantasy novel of 175,000 words. Don't buy it. How often does an author tell you not to buy a book?

It's weird. At times, it's offensive. In short: I read a story that really, truly offended me. And like I've done before, I couldn't stop thinking about it, rewriting the story in my head. I couldn't stop thinking about it until I wrote my version. So I did, but I kept many of the themes from the original story, putting my own spin on them. But those elements are still there.

There's sex. Some of it is pretty kinky. One of my beta readers admitted it was a very guilty pleasure to keep reading. She also told me that I'm going to get heat for writing it.

Both books should be available for download from Amazon by morning, March 1.

In the meantime, what else is pending? Well, My Soul to Lose is with the final beta reader, so it should be out soon. Nothing else is close, but I'm working on several things, so hopefully we'll see one new book in March and one or two in April.

February 28, 2018

Galatzi Life

The fourth in the Galazi Trade series, Galatzi Life, is now available on Amazon!

Many thanks to my beta readers on this book: Charlie, Lori, Stephanie, and Johnna.

Last Eight Days

On January 31st, I created a new Word document, Encircled.docx. It was one of those stories I couldn't get out of my head, one I didn't want to write, but I couldn't work on other things as long as it was pressing at me. I didn't want to write it, as it was in response to a very, very annoying story I'd read, written by a sociopath, or at the very least, someone who enjoys writing about sociopaths.

Moments ago, I wrote the last line. 150,000 words in eight days. That's over 18,000 words a day. I don't want to even think about the quality of the writing. Sleep is overrated, right?

I don't know if I'll publish this one. I had to write it to get it out of my head, but remember the birth. It's weird. It includes bad things. It includes many of the elements of that story that I hated. But instead, it wasn't written by a sociopath, or at least I hope I'm not a sociopath. But instead of a victim that passively lets bad things happen to her, screaming like a helpless, weak victim, my main character accepts what she can't change and influences events to achieve the best possible results.

At the end of the story, the results in many ways mirror the results in the story I hated. But in many ways, very important ways, they are quite different.

But it's weird. Really weird. At least it's out of my head. I can focus on the rest of life. I can respond to email backing up. I have beta readers from two different novels who have written me, and I've ignored them. (I'm sorry.) It might take me a day or three.

I don't know if I'll edit this enough to let the betas touch it. I might just stick it on a shelf. Or maybe I'll edit it ligthtly and then make it available from my web site. If you don't have to pay for it, you can't complain if it sucks.

Oh. The story I read was about 10,000 words. I kept thinking, "In the end, the evil queen dies." I kept reading, waiting for good to prevail and the evil queen to get what she has coming. No. In the end the evil queen cackles gleefully and goes about engaging in more evil. However, to tell a mirror story, I needed 150,000 words. It's sort of like this blog post. Too long by a factor of ten.

Oh. And we're not sure if the queen is evil, or if she's cackling at the end. You'll hate it.

Robin Roseau, Feburary 7, 2018

Lace: A Tease

I didn’t want to be here. I really didn’t want to be here. I’d been given little choice. Mother had crossed the wrong woman, and to save her, I’d been offered on a silver platter.

My Soul to Lose is in Beta

My Soul to Lose, the sequel to the story about Detective Teigan St. Claire and the demon, Evaline, went off to the first beta reader tonight.

Thank you to a Beta Reader

I messed up.

I sent a copy of Lottery to a beta reader. I was a little concerned about some of it, so I asked for feedback. I received helpful comments back, and I had intended to add a "Thank you" section to before submitting it to Amazon last night.

Well, I messed up and forgot that last part. So I'm going to offer my thanks here.

DW: Thank you. Your help was deeply appreciated.


As if Jaguary and Searching the High Seas weren't enough...

As if putting out Jaguar and Searching the High Seas this month wasn't enough, Lottery is now also live!

"I won the alien lottery, Priscilla!" Mercy told me, the excitement clear. "Ten days at Beginnings." She grinned. "For two. Be my plus one."

Adventures of a livetime have started with less announcement than that, but not very often.

Lottery is the first in a set of stories set at Beginnings, the alien resort from the Selected series. These stories can be read in any order after one has read the Selected series through Beginnings. Lottery is 90,000 words. The stories are meant to be shorter and simpler than the novels from the Selected series.

In this story, we'll spend a little time with some of the familiar species from Selected while getting to better know a few others.

Searching the High Seas

The long wait is over! It's been nearly five years since we first met Rani and Sorri. Now, finally, their story continues.

After being left behind on the docks of Southgate, Rani Karden struggles to put her life back together. Glora and her family provide a loving safe haven, but Rani is unable to forget Fleetwind's captain.

But then, Minori asks the right questions, and Rani realizes she is the key to ending the wars that victimize the women and children of Norida.

And Fleetwind is the lock.

This novel of 220,000 words continues the story of Rani Karden and Sorri Westmere.

And their friends.

Free Download: Fox In Hiding

Michaela is frustrated and needs time away from the wolves. The wolves, of course, have a different plan.

I wrote this short several years ago. It's a portion of the "Michaela frustrated with Lara and Elisabeth" theme. The two have since moved past that, having found a sort of peace that works for them. This is from a time before they worked out that peace.

I am making this short available for free download from my site. Click the cover for a Kindle-ready version.


Searching the High Seas

In final edits. Available soon.

Also coming soon: Omega Born, which is near final edits. This is a Selected novel.

Offering Thanks

I don't always say this, and it may sound like an empty platitude, but this is from my heart.

You guys are fabulous.

I am so amazingly lucky, and I recognize that. I never lose sight of how fabulous it is to have all of you supporting what I do.

I've wanted to be a writer since I was about 7 years old. I have a voice that is distinctly mine, and it's not the sort of voice that an editor is necessarily going to take a risk on. The big publishers never would have given me this opportunity.

But every time you guys read one of my stories, you decide to help me continue to write more. Each of you contributes to my being able to write more stories.

It doesn't stop at that, either. I receive frequent words of encouragement. I don't get tens or hundreds of emails a day, but I get a few a week, and it's enough to help me remain connected with all of you. When life has been sort of shitty, one of you has written an email telling me how I've helped you, or how much you love my stories, or something.

Some of you have written to thank me for giving you something to read while you were sick. One of you made me cry while I read your letter. My heart went out for you while you told me what you'd been facing, but you were writing to thank me.

I don't say something every day, but I don't forget. I don't forget how lucky I am to have all of you.

So I'll say it now, again: thank you to all of you.